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Sound Rider

Sound Rider is a 3D visualizer that gives you the ability to navigate a 3D representation of a sound signal in your DAW. As well as the traditional horizontal frequency scale and vertical decibel scale the 3D aspect provides a time axis into the screen.

Sound Rider was written for entry into the KVR Developer Challenge 2012



  • High resolution 3D Visualizer
  • Navigation of the waveform with control of position and orientation in 3D
    • User views can be stored
  • Averaging and peak display
    • User peak values can be stored
  • Position and orientation can be automated!
  • Includes a 2D view with statistical output
  • 3 Rendering modes: Solid, Wireframe and Points
  • Axis that can be moved in the Z plane for clear measurements
  • Peak and RMS meter
  • Settings can be altered to change key controls, smoothing, frame rate, ballistics etc.
  • Interpolation - the faster your machine the smoother the ride
  • Its free!


  • Sound Rider comes in 32 and 64 bit VST 2.4 versions for the PC only
  • Requires the latest DirectX be installed (most Windows users will have this by default). If you dont have it you can get it via Microsoft’s auto updater here: DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer

Where to get it and Where to find out more

Sound Rider was written for entry into the KVR Developer Challenge 2012 and is therefore available directly from KVR. For more information about Sound Rider and further screenshots please see the Help page.


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